Mr. Kling is a Norwegian born, Oslo based pop art artist.


Self-taught, He loves to challenge popular thinking by making provocative, colorful, funny, and political art. 

Combining words and thoughtful sayings with strong colors and entertaining images to create art, that for some are just beautiful and for others feel like a slap in their face.

Art from Mr. Kling will always be expensive and sought after.  Almost all paintings will

be made in hand-colored prints in a limited number.


These prints are smaller than the originals,

so it will be much easier to place them in your home or office.

Mr. Kling has put together two books, where you can find a selection of

amazing art combined with words made into great lyrics.

We all need to send cards to someone we love once in a while. 

With the art of Mr. Kling you may now send both beautiful pictures with a meaning.

All cards are double, so you will be able to write a personal greeting inside the card.

If you would like more information about where you can see Mr. Kling's art or have inquiries regarding exhibitions, commissions or paintings, and prints.


Please get in touch with..

508 Gallery

508 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW10 0LD


Tel: +44 (0) 20 3719 3109  


The Mr.Kling Art Gallery
Lille Stranden 5,
0252 Oslo,

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